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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 29, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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robbery of three students has the campus on alert. plus a heat alert. scorching temperatures are coming. i'm bruce johnson, thanks for joining us tonight. as students head back to the university of maryland, they're being warned about a robbery and assault. students were robbed while waiting. one of the students was beaten. here's student reaction. here's the university shuttle stop. it's located on baltimore avenue. at 1:30 this morning, there were three students here waiting for a shuttle. they were approached by a man. asked if they were waiting for a bus and they said yes, then they were jumped by five guys. those guys started beating up on them. two of the students mappinged to run to a nearby fire station.
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the other was knocked to the ground and beaten and his money taken. this is shocking a lot of students here. >> that's pretty scary. >> we got e-mails about it. >> reporter: what did the e- mails say? >> it said there was an assault. five suspects or something. >> reporter: how do you feel about it that. >> pretty nerve racking, but you make sure not the walk alone at night. >> reporter: now, they're described as five african- american men. one in the mid 20s. the others, there's no description. the police are warning students to be careful if they're out at a bus stop at late hours or early morning hours. >> place say when they get a better description of the suspects, they will distribute it through the campus wide alert system.
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hundredshundreds of rescue rescues in ocean city. there's no let up in the rip tide. >> high tide tonight. >> reporter: ocean city beach patrol are not catching a break, thanks in part to hurricane danielle. daniel is helping to increase the danger in the ocean. >> i was in the water swimming, and it threw me into the beach. >> life guards have made a lot of rescues and one person is presumed drowned. the girlfriend says he went swimming with his friends while life guards were off duty and never surfaced. she now faces being a single mother of their one-year-old mother. >> so many things have been running through my mind, thinking of how am i going do this on my own, raise my child on my own? it's something i never expected. >> reporter: but authorities say it could have been
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presented. >> the one message we give out constantly, swim when life guards are on duty. we have a saying, keep your feet in the sand until the life guards are in the stand. yesterday with 250 rescues, had those people gone swimming three hours early, it would have been one more rescue. instead, it turns out as a tragedy. >> it makes me not want go until the water at all. >> you look for discoloration in the water. >> reporter: they're only expected to intensify. if earl continues on its path, we could see a similar situation, if not worse, heading into the labor day weekend. >> we'll have more on earl's path coming up later in the broadcast. tonight, the main challenger vincent gray has
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tang -- taken a lead today. in 16 days, the majority of voters will cast their ballots. chairman gray leads vin, the e. democrats say they're likely to vote on september 14. >> i think people trust me. i think they see me as somebody who is confident and somebody who will have the interest of everybody in the city. i'm serious about that. we've got an uphill battle. we know the polls are saying that we've got make a round before election day. that means we're the underdog. well, why don't you question the front runner about their record. >> he's lost support of the middle class. he drove badly in ward 8. these are areas that he easily
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carried years ago. on the anniversary of hurricane katrina, president obama is trying to reassure a city today, which to a large degree in still in ruins and mourning. >> reporter: bells tolled and the city paused to remember the 1836 lives taken by hurricane katrina in the gulf five years ago. earlier at a traditional jazz funeral in the french quarter, they agreed to bury katrina and her grief with her. >> put away all the memories and start anew. >> reporter: but the memories are still all over the city, from markings left by search teams to the homes that still stand vacant. president obama assured a crowd
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that rebuilding is still a priority. >> my administration is going to stand along with you and fight alongside you until the job is done. >> reporter: the tourists who are here have put katrina behind them, but tourism is down from where it was years ago. >> reporter: it was standing room only in this hall. leroy jones says most of his fellow artists are back. >> most people are playing the music with more passion than they've ever played before. >> most musicians have changed the landscape of this historic city. >> the president also addressed the clean up of the bp oil
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spill, promising his administration would stick around until that job was done. we've got an important beef recall notice tonight. thousands of pounds of ground beef has been recalled. this is after three e-coli reported reported illnesses have been reported. it has not eliminated a lot of the fears. >> you want to make sure you're eating right or at least it's not a bad product. >> the product has a sell by date of july 1st. many people have already storeed the meat in their freezers. they're advising them to throw it out or return the beef to the place of purchase. some good news. all eastbound lanes of traffic have reopened. workers completed road repairs
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ahead of schedule. they're advising drivers to stay alert has traffic lanes are shifted slightly to the right. tomorrow crews will resume work on the hov exit ramp. drivers heading to the eastern shore should expect delays from route 50. the work could last through the morning rush hour. start with the morning rush, riders will pay more. the surcharge will be in effect weekday mornings. the increase follows a 20-cent increase. they say the surcharge is necessary to close the budget shortfall. tonight, a celebration for michael jackson. see highway his hometown honors the king of pop.
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>> hot today with a high of 92. still a little warm tonight. by the time we wake up tomorrow, temperatures still mild into the 60s but will be quick to rise. here's a look at your wakeup morning forecast. i will have the latest on earl and what's to come with this heat and how long it will last with your complete forecast.
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>> tomorrow marks the first day of school for maryland students in montgomery counties. today they held a fair to help students and their families get ready. community organizations and local businesses were on hand to answer questions and provide much needed information about programs and services to assist students through the upcoming school year. the president washington -- they gathered on the campus with family members and spent a little time relaxing before hopefully buckling down on those books. >> this is our first and only child. so it is a little bit -- we'll see how we feel when we head back home.
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>> it's a great time to be a student here in washington, dc. it's very much a capital city for the whole world. a city of arts and vibrant life of entertainment and more free museums than any place on the planet. >> here here. this year -- denver man who was once down and out came out with a novel idea to get people to church. he and friends got limos ant picked them up from parks that they call home. >> one of the things that drive as homeless person is shame and guilt. we knew if we picked them up in the limos, they would go. >> clifford packard says he was
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once addicted to drugs and now two years sober, he's a college admission counselor. he's trying to encourage others to to get off the streets and change their lives. >> a meth lab explodes, leaving 100 people without homes two. men were cooking meth when the drugs sparked a fiery explosion. the two men were taken to the hospital with severe burns and the apartment collection was declared a total loss. >> roger clemmons will be back in court tomorrow. he will be arraigned for lining to congress under oath about using performance enhancing drugs. in 2008 he told a house committee he never used steroids. the trainer said he injected clemmons between the years 1998 and 2001. the city of gary, indiana
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celebrated michael jackson's birthday. the celebration comes after his death. his father, joe jackson took part in a cake cutting ceremony. it was a big mess on the major interstate in phoenix this week after a massive vehicle pile up that was sparked by a downpour. 70 vehicles were involved in a series of collisions stretching for two miles. about 40 people had to be checked out for injuries. about a half dozen had to be transported to the hospital. tense moments for passengers this weekend. flames shot out of the engine just as the flight landed at
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reagan from charlotte, north carolina. the pilot declared an merge. the flames were out by the time the fire crew met with the plane. tonight u.s. airways is investigating what happened. blowing past their projection, hundreds of students showed up that were not registered. an effort to get everybody to stop using their cell phones while they're driving. if you've been distracted, we would love to share your story on the air. you can tell us about your story by going to the great hang up page or you can call us. coming up at 9news now. how seniors are being brought
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together with others taking hours out of their day to help them get around. the forecast is next. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here.
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bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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we've been talking about danielle, but you believe earl is the one we need to be concerned about. >> we're talking about another storm that could only be a few hundred miles off the coast, maybe even closer than that. it could pose a big threat, a holiday weekend at that. >> 97 tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday, 98. i'm not going to take a temperature below those temperatures for the entire week until we can get a front
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to cool us down. let's start with the overnight hours. reagan national is only at 79. again, remember a code orange quality days. when you get perfect conditions like this, the air is stagnate. that's perfect condition for ozone to accumulate on the ground. if you're sensitive to moderate air quality, you need to limit your time outside. by the afternoon, it gets even hotter, mid to upper 90s. winds, 5 to 10 miles per hour. from different directions too. when we look here you, don't see anything, but this big bubble here keeps things away from us. current temperatures, i said the last i saw was reagan national at 79. the only cooler spot is cull
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pepper. baltimore at 73 and almost everybody is still in the 70s tonight. that's a big difference from the 60 60s we've had. >> warm air turns to hot temperatures. we go monday afternoon, tuesday afternoon, wednesday afternoon, thursday afternoon, friday, i don't think it's until friday afternoon or friday night that we get a front to come through. that's our front. that's wednesday there. so all eyes now on earl. 100 miles per hour sustained winds. this is the 11:00 update. earl is going to become a major hurricane. projections to become a category 4. has its eyes set on the mid atlantic. i think the winds will push
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earl just away from washington. now, the coast, this is going to be a big coast, lots of beach erosion, rip currents will be a big deal, but once we get into the holiday weekend, i think earl lifts far enough away as we look into the weekend. things we need to keep an eye on, it could be more of a western track. also the timing with the storm coming in from the west, the winds going around the high pressure, if you see change in that, that could affect the veriance. after that, it could be fiona. zone forecasts, morefield, you will also be in the lower 90s. all the way over to the eastern shore. a little more humid in the
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south. i'm going with upper 90s for five days. there's the front, chances for storms. i believe that will push earl further out to sea. lows could be in the upper 50s at reagan national. behind earl it looks like that's just going the glance off the coast, but it could be fiona that take as similar track and it may take a track more westward. we've got a lot to look at. in tonight's hero central, we see many of the organizations we've seen since launching the segments. >> today an update on what people have been doing. since we ladies and gentlemen of the juried this, remember daughter for the day, that was actually the first group we profiled. it was greated for this woman's
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grandmother she used to drive around. this brings together seniors who are willing to take hours out of their day to help them get around. in january, they had 400 strong volunteer, serving 1300 seniors, but since our broadcast, they eve gained 200 additional volunteers and they recently started 101 computer training for the seniors and began a cancer take control program. >> a lot of times after they leave the doctor, they don't know what happens after that point. so we've had nurses that have decided to partner with us where they provide them with 101 sessions where if they just have questions and they want to be in the comfort of their own home talking with someone about different things that are going on, just having that special person there to really help them, it make as huge
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difference in their lives. >> it's led to new friendships for lives and maybe music. there's a new computer lab, and they plan a senior prom. they need your help to do all of that. volunteers and contributions are always accepted. for more information on this organization and other charities we're profiling, just go to our website. >>
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you've probably heard golfers yell fore when their ball is headed for another player, but what do you do when a plane is looking for a place to land on the course. >> i saw a plane go through the fence and into a tree.
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>> he landed safely and didn't hurt anybody. so he did good. >> the 68-year-old pilot said he's been flying for 50 years no.idea on why his plane went down. he was taking off from a nearby airport. >> we've got a big sports show coming up. it's mostly redskins. we've got some nats in there too. we're getting close to the regular season. it kicks off in two weeks. this is a time the redskins want to be fine tuning, getting the game plan down for dallas, just one problem, the main man ain't healthy. donovan mcnabb still nursing his sprained ankle. mike shanahan says that ankle is way too sore. he was also asked about mcnabb not being available for the cowboys game. you will hear his answers. as for immediate plans, her's
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coach. >> same thing with clinton, it will be day by day. >> day by day, just like always. >> that means he's playing. >> a lot to get to on the plus tonight. mallmalcomb kelly has announced he's ready to play. there was a lot of talk about a lack of running game. mitchell is going to break that down and tell us why there's a lack of production. they can't move the football. and shanahan and albert haynesworth are best friends. you don't want to miss those answers coming up on sports plus. b mitch always phonon that. also the nats game was delayed after drew storen threw -- tony larussa said it was intentional. of course, the big story, mcnabb, skins, we'll get into
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it. >> they're going talk. >> you have to i think he's going to play. the guy is a professional. he knows how to go out there and limp around and still get the job done. >> it's going to be looking like record breaking heat in some places. we're looking at 97, 97, 98, 98. earl, i think he gets shunted out to sea. a front is coming through and bringing storms behind that. we'll have to look at what's becoming fiona. >> do you still run that? >> yeah,. >> thanks for watching 9news. [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week.
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